How does bail work?

How does bail work is a good question.  Lets start with the basic definition of bail.  Bail or bond is set by a judge depending on the severity of the crime the person is being accused of.  Whether you believe the bail amount suits the crime is a argument that you have to take up with the judge at a bail hearing.  However, that only means your friend or loved one sits in jail much longer.

When someone posts bail, the amount is usually 10% of the total amount for the state on a federal level the amount is usually 15% of the full bail amount.  Example: Bail is set at $10000 the minimum a person has to come up with is 10% or $1000.  This money is non-refundable.  Historically, it was once refundable, after all you held up your end.  California and other states have long since done away with the refund.

If you do not show up to court your bail can be revoked and you can owe the full $10000 and land you with a extra offense on your record.  Its always best to show up for court.  When you show up for all your court appearances, the case is dismissed, make a deal or when the trial is over and fulfill the court requirements, your obligation to the $10000 bail amount gets exonerated.  The court holds on to the 10% and the defendant moves on with their life.

Working with a bail bonds agency.

When you work with a bail bonds agency, the bail agent helps you with getting you or your loved one out of jail.  All bail bonds services charge a premium for the bail amount.  And you can arrange payment plans to help pay for higher then average bail amounts.  Los Angeles is known for very high bail amounts.  This is designed to keep the person in custody for longer periods of time in order to develop a case and intimidate the suspect.  The longer they sit in jail the worse things can get.  Being available 24/7 is a must in this business and Iron Bail Bonds excels at being professional fast and reasonable.

How do I pay for bail?

Bail bonds agency pays the bail and you pay the bail service back.  Iron Bail Bonds has a number of ways you can pay for the bail amount. Using collateral (real property) or using a payment plan with deposit.  If you qualify we have zero down payment plans.